Narayanburners History
Narayanburners History

History - Narayan Oil & Gas Burner Co.


Started in 1992.

After thoroughly research of years and with the dedicate vision for the energy saving, developed such advance design burner - yield highest combustion efficiency with the operation of years and years with adheres highest international safety levels with lowest breakdown and nil maintenance cost.

Starting commercial production and delivered first burner in 1992.

Initially bigger capacity production started from 900 kW to 6500 kW.

In year 1996 started production from 50kw to 9500kw to cater new demand of textile and other industries.

Eventually expansion in workshop, installation of new machine to cater new demand and new construction took place.

Developed other Heating equipment.

Developed Burners for producer gas.

And reaching up to 2018, sold more than 20000 burners, exported in more than 16 countries and converted more than 2000 imported burner into ‘Narayan’ make and having thousands of happy & reputed customers in our kitty.

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