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Welcome To Narayan Oil & Gas Burner Co.

Established in 1992, Narayan Oil & Company Gas Burner manufacturing world-class burners for Oil, Gas and Dual fuel burners. We are known as a ‘Total Technical Solution provider’ company of long standing with an impeccable reputation manufacturing NARAYAN 'NT' & other Series of Burners for common industrial applications ranging from 10 kW to 15000 kW.

The company is leading by who has an experience of 26 years in the related field and with a team having an extensive experience, technical skills and know how required in this field to manufacture HIGH QUALITY BURNERS with all the safety norms.



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The textile background of the promoter's has helped the company in carving niche foir itself in this sphere within a short span of time. We have successful installations of more than 12,000 burners in direct firing application in Textile Industries (on Stenters, Printing m/c, Dryers, Padding mangle m/c, Loop steamers, etc.) Apart from the direct fired application, we have more than 8000 installation on Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Hot air generators, Incinerators, Furnace for melting, Annealing, Heat treatment & etc. ranging from 50 KW to 15,000 KW output. On boilers, we have replaced a number of other make burners by 'Narayan' make burners and yielded a saving of fuel from 5% to 15% and substantial electrical power saving as well. Our burner installations are in Chemical Industries, Petrochemical Industries, Dairies, Metal Industries, Glass Industries, Agro, etc.

We have in house R&D facility with least equipments by highly trained & innovative engineers, which help us in manufacturing quality burners in terms of Efficiency, Quality & Performance.

Our actions continue to be guided by principles that have served us well over the years. A commitment to quality, Products, responsive service and to a technology driven business strategy that allows us to meet customer needs in a challenging global environment.

Our policy of innovation and continual development in terms of technology up-gradation and the feedback from the market, has upgraded the burners to the cutting-edge technology with negligible maintenance. We have converted and replaced more than 1000 imported burners by our ‘NARAYAN’ brand burners. The conversions to 'Narayan' brand have resulted better in terms of safety, performance and efficiency. We are best suited for our Indian conditions where dust, heat, moisture and availability trained persons is a common problem.

We have exported more than 1700 burners in more than 15 countries.

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