Narayanburners Gas Burner

Dual Fuel Burners

Narayan dual fuel burner are available in both monoblock and duo block types.customization is possible as per technical and engineering needs. the range available: 500 kW up to 15000 kW.

Technical Specification

  • - ‘Turbine Air Flow’ ensures highest combustion efficiency.
  • – ‘Mimic Fascia’ with operating panel exclusively provide by ‘Narayan’ only. Very user’s friendly also self-guide to users.
  • From Turbine Principle Axil airflow gives assured control of radial swirl & axil velocity in the combustion gases resulting in maximum efficiency and accurate flame shaping.
  • Inherently low NOx.
  • Operates at excess air level below 10% on Gas and 14% on Oil.
  • The burner motor is air cooled by the main combustion fan as mounted with in the air stream thus ensuring higher electrical efficiency, considerable electrical cost saving.
  • Axial airflow ensures a perfect air distribution to the burner head at all levels of firing.
  • Noise rating is far lower than statutory minimum.
  • High – tensile Aluminium Alloy body.
  • Offer Left/Right hand operating option.
  • Energy Saving fully closing Air Damper Motor (F.C.A.D.) at no extra cost in High/Low Burners*
Narayan Duel Fuel Burner
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